We have the capacity to deliver on projects of varying magnitude. We firmly believe in putting the right people i.e. skilled and experienced, to do the job. Our services offering is structured in such a way that we can draw from various disciplines to provide the client with maximum value. These services include:


Project Management

At Commit Consulting, we are delivery focused. We understand that organizations have business critical programmes and projects that cannot be left to chance. Our people have vast experience in all types of business projects of varying sizes.

Our methodology ensures sound planning and execution of projects to deliver the desired results, on time and within budget. We also help organizations to improve their project management capabilities and ensure pertinent skills transfer that will enable the organization to sustain activities beyond our engagement.

The service offering includes:
Project Scope Facilitation | Project Management Support | Project Audit


Information Technology

Organizations in their life-time have to invest in Information Technology (IT) with the hope that it will make them more competitive or introduce certain efficiencies in the business. Whatever the case may be, this can only be achieved if there is a fit between technology and business requirements.

At Commit Consulting we have been involved in a number of large IT infrastructure and solutions projects to be able to use that technical know how and experience to benefit our clients. We are able to capture the business requirements and help the client to select the solution that will enable and enhance the business rather than stifle it.

The service offering includes:
Business Case | Requirements Specification | Solution Design | Implementation.


Disaster Risk Management

Disaster Risk Management is a multi-disciplinary and faceted function. In most instances, when developing and implementing plans, there is a need for a well designed approach and engagement of various role players and stakeholders.

Our participative approach and processes facilitate the development of relevant strategies and plans, which upon implementation meet the need. In short, we don’t stop at planning, but ensure that we support the client through the implementation phase.

The service offering includes;
Disaster Risk Assessment | Risk Reduction Strategies | Disaster Risk Response and Recovery | Research and Report Writing

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